WSJT-X 2.1.2をインストール

WSJT-X 2.1.0では「Settings…」の画面がときどき真っ白になってしまう(回復はWSJT-X再起動しかない)というバグがあったので、早く修正版が出ないかとちょくちょく公式サイトを見に行っていたのだが、なかなか出されなかった。個人的には結構致命的だと思っていたんだけど。FT8 F/Hモードとの切替えで割と使う頻度が高いし。というか、なんでF/Hモードの切替が表に出ていないのか不思議なくらい。

それはともかく、先程見に行ったら、ようやく2.1.2が出ていた。あれ?2.1.1は?どうやら、2.1.1にはバグがあって、すぐに2.1.2が出されたようだ。以下、Release Noteから引用。

Release: WSJT-X 2.1.2
November 26, 2019

WSJT-X 2.1.2 is a bug fix only release which fixes a major regression
in the Hamlib package bundled with WSJT-X v2.1.1.

Release: WSJT-X 2.1.1
November 25, 2019

WSJT-X 2.1.1 is a bug fix only release addressing regressions in the
prior v2.1.0 release.

– Document rules for the UDP message protocol.
– Fix bug that could cause display of a blank Settings window.
– Fix message parsing to properly handle 4-character directed CQs
– Fix a potential crash in the interface to Omni-Rig.
– Improve handling of unexpected rig off line status changes from
– Add an option to highlight unworked 2-character grid fields rather
than 4-character grid squares.
– Fix bug that caused unwanted disabling of “Enable Tx” in Fox mode.
– Log duplicate contacts in FT8 DXpedition Fox mode.
– Regenerate the GFSK Tx waveform if Tx audio frequency is changed.
– Fix the behavior of double-clicking on a decoded message with first
callsign displayed as an unresolved hash code <...>.
– Fix a problem with determining “worked before” status after a band
– Updates to the WSJT-X 2.1 User Guide.
– Fix a production issue with the macOS tool chain that generated
broken executables.